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Announcement: The Departments of Earth Science, Geography and History and Anthropology within the College of Arts and Sciences are pleased to host a presentation and demonstration by Professor James Aber, entitled "Applications of Kite and Blimp Aerial Photography." The presentation and demonstration are supported by the Greer-Oppenheimer Fund. Kite photography is a type of remote-sensing that produces low-height aerial photographs that have multiple applications in fields as diverse as geology, geography, history, archeology, and art. Kite photography is also used in sports training. Dr. Aber and his assistant Susie Aber have more than a decade of experience using and teaching kite photography. Dr. Aber, Professor of Geology, and Roe R. Cross Distinguished Professor, at Emporia State University, will present information and images connected to the procedures and applications of kite photography on Wednesday, March 2, at 2:00 p.m. in Wood 108. He will demonstrate kite photography, weather permitting, on March 3, Thursday at 10:00 A.M.. Please contact Dr. Sara Brooks Sundberg, Department of History and Anthropology, ext. 8698 or Dr. Ann Legreid, Department of Political Science and Geography, ext. 8835 for information about the location of the demonstration.

Additional Programs Offered:

The Department of History and Anthropology also supervises the social studies functional major and the social studies minor.The courses for these are determined by state requirements and the teacher education program, since this major and minor lead to certification to teach either in grades 9-12 (major) or in grades 5-9 (minor). Social studies majors should be aware that there are also guidelines established by the teacher education departments, which they must follow.

To be recommended for admission into the Teacher Education Program a social studies major must have at least a 2.5 GPA in social studies courses, in all courses taken at Central, and if a transfer student, a 2.5 GPA for all course work wherever taken.  Prior to admission into the Teacher Education Program, a social studies major must have an interview with faculty members in this department and be recommended by the department for admission Appropriate forms for this interview are available from the teacher certification office in Lovinger. Social studies minors may achieve certification to teach grades 5-9 only with a middle school-junior high school major. The social studies minor also fulfills an area of concentration requirement for elementary education functional majors.

The international studies minor is interdisciplinary, with many of the courses offered by this department. Dr. C. David Rice, chair of the department, is the professor to contact about this program.


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